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The henna boutique

From bright orange to sumptuous sienna, the magic of henna never stops at the henna boutique!

Welcome to the henna boutique, my name is Tanya and I'm the founder and lead artist at the henna boutique.

To give you an idea of how big my passion for henna is, my night in consists of mixing a fresh batch of henna, rolling some cello and filling them to make perky cones.

The process is as therapeutic as baking a cake! I slit open a new packet of henna powder, and watch the fresh green powder slip into the bowl. A splash of Eucalyptus oil, a sprinkle of sugar, and pure water to smooth into a paste, and then let the magic begin... After a few hours, the dye has come alive and it's ready to cone!

At the henna boutique, we pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer service, that's why, when you book your henna appointment with us, you will receive a free consultation for your tailored design and aftercare advice, so you know what to expect with the end result.

As well as bridal, party and private bookings, we apply henna on baby bumps and henna crowns for alopecia patients. We're available for corporate and charity events around Oxfordshire.

Here are some testimonials, from Facebook:

"I highly recommend the henna boutique, absolutely beautiful henna and what a talent the beautiful Tanya has. I am going to make this a part of my regular ‘me’ routine! Thank you x"

"Beautiful work very talented cant wait to book a party in the new year"

So, on that note, with open arms, I welcome you to my world that is the henna boutique! It's lovely to meet you!



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