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Five reasons the Henna Circle subscription box is for you

Updated: May 24, 2020

Have you ever had that feeling of wanting more for yourself – an activity that empowers you to unleash your creativity and makes you feel like you’ve really accomplished something?

Do you want to connect with the universe, get closer to Mother Earth and feel grounded, all the while becoming more mindful, relaxed and calm?

Would you like to be part of a positive, non-judgemental space each month, where you’ll be able to share your creations, learn from others and build on the skills you’ve developed?

Our one-of-a-kind Henna Circle subscription box is for you and here is what you'll get:

- A welcome gift when you sign up

- A biodegradable henna cone, an exclusive design, aaaaannddd a video to help you freestyle the same design

- While you're a Henna Circle member, you'll receive 10% off of purchases over £20.

- At only £11.50, if you sign up at this price, it will be stay locked for you!

There are so many other reasons you’ll enjoy our boxes, but here are just five more of them:

You want to receive something unique in the post every month

…something other than bills and bits & bobs for the kids, that is! Each month, you can look forward to a brand new, exclusive design – created just for you.

Close your eyes and picture the texture of the cardboard box in your hands, the anticipation as you slice through the packing tape and the excitement when you first pick up that biodegradable henna cone!

You want to create something incredible

So, you’ve opened the box, and out flitters the lavender scent from the henna paste, as well as an additional little welcome gift! Amazing!

After your eyes have settled on the gift and the henna, you see the beautiful design. “It is stunning,” you think to yourself. “And so intricate!”.

Before you have a second to doubt yourself: yes, you WILL be able to create that… I’ll show you how in a video, so you can re-create the design in your style!

You want to feel grounded and connected to the universe through nature’s gift of henna

At this point, you have your time to yourself – an hour. You have your drink nearby, the henna cone tip snipped and the video ready to press play.

You inhale for three, exhale for five. Awaken your senses. You are fully in the moment and feeling indulged as you lay the henna on the sheet to practise your design, following the video. And most importantly, you’re having fun. It isn’t about getting it right straight away, it’s about enjoying your connection to henna and how that feels.

You want to accessorise your everyday!

After the video, you take some time to review your design. You look at the twists you have put on the design – an important part of your signature style.

With the henna left over in the cone, you adorn your fingers with chains and light lines, playing with the depth of the henna. This is good for your everyday, because it is part of YOU: an extension of your personality.

Because you deserve your henna time for yourself!

It is true. You deserve time for yourself. You deserve to express yourself in the way you want to. Indulge. Breathe. Smile.

Now, wait eagerly for the next bit of magic to come through your letterbox!

Oh, you haven’t signed up yet? It’s really easy… and you already know the wonder that awaits you!

Simply follow the steps below:

Hover over the '$' sign and select 'Subscribe'
Head to the checkout and pay and you're ready to go!



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