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Swooning swirls, disappearing dots and curvaceous paisleys...

One of the questions I get asked most often is ‘how do you create your designs?’ And my response is usually ‘from the heart’.. But that’s not quite so helpful for those who are interested in the art!

If you’ve seen me work, you’ll know that I love to freestyle my designs, even though I have a a book with my own creations. So how do I do it?

Just like other artists, I have taken inspiration from my background, culture and lifestyle. So much of my work is heavily influenced with an Indian style, that is typically seen in Indian bridal designs. Swooning swirls, disappearing dots and curvaceous paisleys.

My Kenyan childhood is embedded within me and emerges through my designs, with hints of triangles and simple dots.

Kenyan Masaai jewellery image via Africa Fashion

Embracing the English culture has led me on a journey of beautiful architecture and wallpapers, the latter of which, I’ve been inspired by William Morris’s designs.

William Morris wallpaper design 'Pimpernel'

This exotic mix of influences is ever-evolving, weaving a story in each design - and that’s what I absolutely love about henna - no two designs are the same!

.With every booking, a design consultation is an opportunity for us to create something that’s unique to you, whether it’s a particular style, or even an element you just love and want featured throughout the design.

Let’s go on a journey of creativity together, weaving new stories with henna - why not book your henna today?



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