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Five reasons henna workshops at John Lewis are for you

So, we all had a fun-filled Christmas, overindulging in both food and our finances.

But now it’s the new year, where resolutions are made either for the whole of 2019 or the first month – whether we pledge to do Veganuary, Dry January, Januhairy, all three or something else entirely.

Before you think we’ll be adding another resolution to your list, don’t worry… we don’t plan on doing that!

Oxford Mendhi Artist
New! Natural henna workshops at John Lewis, Oxford

What we do want to do, however, is give you something to love and not loathe about January; an opportunity to do something for yourself that’s fun, affordable and won’t leave you wanting!

These are our fantastic henna workshops at John Lewis in Oxford. And here are five reasons they’re perfect for you.

They’ll brighten even the Bluest Monday

This time of year is notoriously miserable. The skies are grey, the weather is gloomy, and it’s f-f-f-freezing! But henna can brighten your month by bringing out the colour of nature in a completely different way than you thought would be possible.

You know the gorgeous bright orange you see as soon as henna paste crumbles off? That is directly from a plant – and what’s even more magical is watching it evolve over two days into a darker brown colour!

Natural henna artist Oxford
Fresh henna stain after 10 hours of henna application

They teach you how henna can be stunning and safe

You’ve got this far, so you must be somewhat keen on the idea of henna. If so many others can wear it, and it’s natural, then the sceptics’ scaremongering must be overexaggerated. Right?

Wrong. The reactions some suffer from after having a henna treatment are caused by the use of black and chemical henna. Black henna is where black hair dye is applied directly onto the skin. With astonishingly high concentrations of PPD, black henna is giving so many people severe burns. In particularly extreme cases, it’s proven fatal due to overexposure.

Natural henna in Oxford
From henna powder to ready-to-use henan cones

There is so much more this area of safety, but in a nutshell, henna is a plant – the leaves of which have been crushed and powdered. Essentially, when you mix that powder with water, you get natural henna paste with no nasties. And that is what we’ll be learning all about!

They’ll bring out your creative side

Think you’re not creative enough for a henna workshop? Bah-humbug! We’re not going to let you start 2019 with that kind of negativity!

During the workshops, you’ll learn the simple step-by-step process of creating beautiful designs – from which shapes work well together to the fillings of the shapes, and then the tiny touches that can make your design shine.

Mendhi Artist in Oxford
Remember this? We took inspiration from our much loved William Morris

And this is where we’re different from other workshop providers: we show you how to find inspiration in everything around you, so when it comes to a time where you’ve been asked to apply henna, you can bring your surroundings into your artwork!

They’ll make 2019 your year of henna

What’s so wonderful about henna is that you don’t need much to practise the art, just a few essentials: henna powder, water and the applicator of your choice – whether that’s a syringe, a cone or a toothpick.

Oxford mendhi workshop
Setup at a workshop to include the cello for the cone, the aftercare kit and the practice kit (hands in the background)

Before you leave the workshop, you’ll receive a free henna practice kit so you can continue the art at home too… all year round!

They’re amazingly affordable (more so than ever!)

We’re still in the celebratory mood, and want to say “thank you” for all your support over the last few years. With this in mind, we’ve decided to give you a massive THIRD OFF the price of our workshops – so now you can come along for only £20!

BONUS! They make a great Valentine’s gift

We know we said there were five reasons, but here’s an added extra! With the last weekend of the workshops being the 9th and 10th of February, this unique experience could be the perfect pre-Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one!

Tree of life Oxford henna
The tree of life - symbolising new beginnings - make 2019 your year of henna!

So, there you have it: six compelling reasons you need to book your space at these henna workshops at John Lewis.

The dates of the workshops are the following Saturdays and Sundays:

26th and 27th January

2nd and 3rd February

9th and 10th February… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

On Saturdays, there are two workshops – one at 1pm and one at 4pm – and on Sundays, there is one workshop at 2pm.

So, what are you waiting for? To book your space now, call the Experience Desk on 01865 268313.

Let’s kick off 2019 with some magical, wondrous henna!



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