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Mama-henna - your guide to henna on your baby bump

As the therapeutic benefits of henna become increasingly well-known, more mothers-to-be are having their baby bumps decorated with henna, in a beautiful relaxing ritual, also known as a belly blessing.

Natural henna is safe for mothers and their babies, however, it’s always best to check with your doctor. Henna to be used in pregnancy should be made with essential oils which are calming and kind to sensitive skin, such as lavender.

When you’ve booked your appointment, let the artist know about design elements you’d like, for example, a tree of life, a particular symbol of importance, or shapes you love. This will help them create a design with a deep meaning.

At the appointment, you may be required to sit for between one to two hours, or more, depending on the intricacy of the design, so make sure you’re sitting on your most comfortable chair, with plenty of snacks and drinks. The other option is to get someone else to fetch your drinks and food - this is usually the preferred option too - and why not, who doesn’t love being pampered?

Relax with the feeling of henna being draped onto your bump, wrapping your baby with love. In all the times I’ve done a baby bump, the baby has always followed the movement of the design - what a lovely feeling to be able to connect the with the baby!

Once the henna has been applied and dried, you can apply a sugar and water sealant, to keep the henna damp and on the skin. Cover it with cotton wool to keep it in place, as well as warm, and also put a top back on! Keep the henna on for as long as possible - for as long as you can bear!

When you’re ready, remove the cotton wool and pick off any henna which may still be on the skin. Once all the paste is off, moisturise your henna stain with a henna balm. The stain may look very light at first, but over the next two days, you’ll see that it darkens to a deeper brown colour.


Claire was our most recent henna bump we adorned and this is what she said about the experience with us:

“Tanya is simply amazing! I was late to tell her what design I wanted (the night before actually) and she was very accommodating and designed exactly what I wanted. I had so much fun chatting to her while she did it and she gave fantastic support afterwards as I had forgotten what she'd said. She's so patient and so helpful. I couldn't recommend her enough!”

This was the design she requested:

To find out more about henna bumps, click here, or send us a message.



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