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Henna crowns: a royally empowering way to reign over illness (and own your image)

Did you know that two in every 1,000 people in the UK suffer from some form of alopecia: a condition that causes hair loss? Or that there are 360,000 new cancer cases nationwide every year, 28% of which are treated using chemotherapy?*

While both these illnesses can make people feel helpless and hopeless, partly in the wake of them losing their hair, there’s a new and exciting way patients can take back a large part of their identity.

Introducing the henna crown!

What is a henna crown?

Much like you’d have a pretty henna pattern put onto your hand, arm, foot or other visible part of your body, you can have it applied to your head if there’s no hair to get in the way.

And like a crown, the henna in this instance is placed in a circular design, with plenty of options available for style and embellishment!

Tribal style henna crown
Tribal style henna crown

What is the henna-crown experience like?

I ’ve had the honour of completing a few henna crowns for my clients since launching The Henna Boutique, and I can honestly say that no two experiences are the same!

Here is a snippet from the BBC South Today:

After booking their appointment, the client receives a consultation to discuss what designs they’d like. This is, ironically, very similar to a hair appointment where the client discusses their desired hairstyle! But unlike at a hair salon, they then receive bespoke artwork created just for them, based on their ideas.

Henna crown inspired by nature
Henna crown inspired by nature

Appointments are always a relaxed affair, taking place in the client’s own home. Fresh henna is mixed with water, sugar and lavender essential oil: a calming essence that’s gentle to the skin.

Once the henna has been applied, I help with the aftercare of applying the sealant. Finally, with warm words and full hearts, we part, leaving the client with a beautiful crown… their own statement piece, unique to them!

What are the benefits of having a henna crown placed on your head?

The process of applying a henna crown is invigorating, for both the client and the henna artist. During the session we learn about each other’s hobbies, lifestyle and traits.

Henna-crown application offers the client an opportunity to have something wonderful done for themselves. It sets aside time for self-love, and a space to escape the stresses of their illness, as well as those of daily life.

And for the artist? The job brings about a sense of pride, and a new friendship that’s formed as the henna crown is created.

What design ideas and inspiration can you give?

Our most recent client asked for a design that was strong and bold – something that represented a shield. I feel like all henna crowns are just that.

Whether you choose a floral piece or a style that’s quite tribal, your crown is a shield, showing your strength and determination to overcome what you’re going through.

Tribal style henna crown
Tribal style henna crown

No matter how trivial our worries, we could all do with a shield. I feel very grateful I get to provide them to those who need them most!

If you’d like to book a henna-crown experience, whether it’s for you or a thoughtful gift for someone else, click here.

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